Not bad dormitory living even at a language school

There is also The largest weight in living expenses in the case to study at a language school of foreign things like housing costs, divided into apartments school and dormitory school, but where size is a concern. Circumstances been different wider people of Southeast Asia is the room itself, such as the Philippines by each country, because the place often shop and cafeteria in the building is the hotel, I'm glad content for the young students. Breadth of the language school dorm room of Cebu Island, enough twin room of the Japanese resort hotel would be considered to size. Taking in the dormitory of the American language school, there is a private room of four people in one of the unit, bathroom and kitchen jointly, in the living room there is a cable TV. Without much of a problem in terms of the student life in the private room, the Americans also come size of the room is changed in the suburban and urban areas, it is almost the same as the Japan of residential environment. In Australia there is also a pattern, such as living students of some of the language school in the hostel about 200 rooms, it is said that a so-called image of the student dormitory about the size of the Japanese universities. Some of the room is equipped with furniture and desk, the joint space what you need in order to live and laundry space in the kitchen is not usually uniform, in the discourse space you can enjoy chatting with each country of international students. Than Overall, prices are high developed countries in Southeast Asia, for more of the countryside than in urban areas and there is a room size of the dorm, it would say that it is good as a living environment.

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